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With a fiery passion that surges through every heart-opening note, turn of phrase and stroke of her paintbrush, Julie Woods makes empowering magic that makes a difference.

Her uplifting, authentic energy raises the spirits of all who encounter her and her work. It is easy to understand why this tribal rock musician, inspirational speaker, and visual artist is in-demand in corporate, church, festival, and fund-raising circuits on both coasts.

  • In the realm of music, she has sung with luminaries such as Grammy winners Roberta Flack and Michael Mangini, and is a featured artist on Shawna Carol’s internationally popular CD, Goddess Chant. She has recorded a CD of her own songs entitled, Sketches and an EP, Breathe.
  • In the realm of public speaking, her engagements have ranged from conducting trainings for Pentagon generals to inspiring high school students involved in community service projects.


Speak Up!

Getting groups of folks to their next level of active greatness can be simple… when Julie Woods is the facilitator.  Julie’s speeches and interviews take her audiences on a ride that blazes beyond inspiration, or motivation, and into transformation.


Transformation — individual and cultural — happens in stages: Examine. Accept. Welcome. Implement. Embody. When you want to get to YOUR true greatness — faster and deeper — schedule time with Julie Woods as your guide.

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