About Julie Woods

With a fiery passion that surges through every heart-opening note, turn of phrase and stroke of her paintbrush, Julie Woods makes empowering magic that makes a difference.

Her uplifting, authentic energy raises the spirits of all who encounter her and her work. It is easy to understand why this tribal rock musician, inspirational speaker, and visual artist is in-demand in corporate, church, festival, and fund-raising circuits on both coasts.

  • In the realm of music, she has sung with luminaries such as Grammy winners Roberta Flack and Michael Mangini, and is a featured artist on Shawna Carol’s internationally popular CD, Goddess Chant. She has recorded a CD of her own songs entitled, Sketches and an EP, Breathe.

  • In the realm of public speaking, her engagements have ranged from conducting trainings for Pentagon generals to inspiring high school students involved in community service projects.

  • In the realm of art, the stunning pieces she channels have been carried exclusively by one of the top 5 American art and craft galleries in the world.

  • In the realm of spirituality, she is the primary facilitator for Zonechanting Vocalization, an organic blending of rhythm and tone that accelerates the flow of healthy energy throughout the entire body-mind-heart-spirit system.

  • In the realm of philanthropy, she founded the grassroots food abundance organization, Fans With Cans, in 1996; Fans With Cans has fed almost 50,000 people, to date.

Every encounter with Woods and her work is suffused with her unwavering belief that everyone can make a positive difference – for themselves and others – in every moment. “Anyone who thinks they’re too small to make a difference has never been in bed with a mosquito,” she laughs.

This attitude of universal empowerment and global inclusion is evident in Woods’ devotion to living a life that inspires others to conspire to help our planet heal itself. Her growing Wake, Love, Share, Act movement to heal the divides in our society is a direct result.

“I’ve dedicated my life to feeding people’s hearts, minds, and souls with my art, and the bodies of those in need with food through my Fans With Cans. This is what lets me sleep well at night.”  Woods’ unswerving dedication to empowering the planet shines through in all that she has done and continues to do.

Whether in art, music, spiritual healing, motivational presentations or simple personal encounters, Woods’ love for living life out loud continues to inspire the rest of the world to live life by her credo, “Everyday people making a difference – EVERY DAY.”