About the Urban Bliss Shaman


I’m Julie Woods and I’m The Urban Bliss Shaman™…

I answered a Call from Spirit,
along the ley lines of my soul,
and landed this
exquisite and unexpected role
in the legend of my life…

I’m a shaman
because I bridge worlds,
and that’s what shamans do.

I’m an urban shaman
because I bridge seculospiritual worlds
with the medicines of
a street wolf with a Harvard degree.

I’m an urban bliss shaman
because bliss is only present for me
when I’m doing ALL that I can
to love the world into healthy greatness…
and that IS what I do.

I prance my Path of sustainable success
fueled by robust self-reward.

For me/us
(I do not arrogate to speak for Other),
being a shaman means
reveling in Spirit’s gifted visions;
and being in-sane enough to ACT on what I learn
with my beloveds,
old and new,
in our global tribe.

My life IS my bid for Gæa
as healing, healthy, blissful sanctuary for everyone…


I’m Julie Woods and I’m a tribe-sourced human.
Our Story.  Stickin’ to it.